Resolution Schmesolution

It’s at this time of the year a person starts taking stock of their life and resolving to fix all the holes.  We all do it, every year, and by January 6th we’re all over it and back to our bad ways.   We get all gung ho about exercise and our health then in a few days realize “what’s life without chocolate?” and gasp at the error of our ways, cutting out one of the things that makes life that little bit nicer.  

I’m hoping 2011 will be a nice balanced year.   I’ll do the exercise and eat the salad but I’ll also have a nice piece of good chocolate or a cupcake now and then.  I’ll drink more water but I won’t beat myself up if the odd glass of wine or beer or soda creep in here and there.   I’ll take a language class or something to keep my brain ticking.  I’ll start drawing again. 

I also will try to stop growling at Olay commercials featuring 17 year old pouting girls, promising to make all my fine lines disappear and turn me into some sort of feral, smooth skinned, supermodel, because obviously once you hit 40 you’re an eyesore that must be corrected or no one will want you to go out in public.   Surely there are better ways to spend our time than worrying that we’re too fat, too wrinkled, too old or too late?    It’s not constructive at all.

I’ve also resolved to learn to cook more dishes.  I don’t have a great repertoire in the kitchen, if I’m perfectly honest.  The few dishes I can cook, I can cook pretty well but I need some expansion in my menu.  I have collected some fine sounding recipes and aim to start actually producing them for dinner in the new year.  El Cerebro, being a man, and “a man” being a synonym for “I am hungry 100% of the time”, is very encouraging in my intention to use him as a guinea pig for my new meal ideas.   He’s even offered to provide Gordon Ramsey type advice if I need a little support.   Like there isn’t enough swearing in a kitchen while I’m cooking without a copycat of a blonde mop top Englishman turning purple and screaming “Call that Risotto, you fat little cow!” in my face. 

First on my new experimental menu - a breakfast snack: Bacon and cheese cornbread muffins.  Yes please.  For weekends only.  The rest of the week will be Special K and growling at myself in the mirror.

2011 is going to be a year of change, there’s no doubt about that.   I’m going to be moving in the spring, for work.  I’m going to be doing new things.  It’s kind of scary.  And kind of exhilarating. 

Hope your new year is equally satisfactory.  Be healthy but don’t deprive yourself either.  What’s health without happiness now and then?

4 Responses to “Resolution Schmesolution”

Eva Gallant said...

I agree with you. I want to eat healthier, too, but no way will I give up chocolate all together!

Pearl said...

Giving up chocolate is not what we do. We're not quitters!

Happy New Year!


Linda Medrano said...

Chocolate is healthy for you! Just get the dark chocolate. Better than a vitamin pill! Honestly!

Change can be a little scary, but it's always an adventure. You sound like an adventuress to me!

Ladies you are correct, giving up chocolate is not what we do. Thank you for justifying my great need. What's a world without chocolate? No world I want any part of, thank you very much. Happy 2011 to you all.