Excusing My Absence

This past couple of weeks has been a giant mish mash of dull thoughts and winter hibernation.  I feel like my brain might actually have been replaced while I was sleeping, by a cauliflower.  It seems incapable of coherent thought.  It does, however, manage to spend a lot of its time thinking about naughty things of a carnal nature.  I reckon this is because it's cold, winter and I'm pretty much snowed in which is making me cabin feverish.  And cabin fever has to relieve itself somehow, you know?   Lack of sensory pleasures means you have to find some fun in other ways.

Sadly, El Cerebro's been away on a work trip for the past ten days so not much chance to do much about that!  Instead I've resorted to watching bad TV and rating various gentlemen on their hotness.  Any show I watch, the men have to be rated for their sexy appeal.  And I'm hard to please, so don't think there are top marks all over the board.  Your standard, Hollywood, TV hot?  Doesn't work for me.  I need something with a little more personality.  A little more oomph.  A little more mystery.  And well.  Most shows seem to feature your catalog model types who just do nothing for me, with their chiseled chins and smoldering eyes.

I might be deficient in some sort of DNA.  Most ladies seem to purr over these perfect TV men.   Not me though.  Give me a devilish scruff with misbehaving in his eyes and I'll melt like ice cream on a stove top.  Give me a man with stubble who looks like he might like to drink some beer, smear me in chocolate and spank me.  

Strangely enough in real life, I'm not really interested in that sort of thing.  I doubt I could pull it off without laughing outrageously. Or yelling "Jesus Christ, not so hard!"  But my fantasy men can indulge all they want.   So tell me your fantasy TV men, ladies!  I need entertaining.

I hope you are all well?  I'm off to attempt to drive to the post office.  My life is that exciting currently.