Invisible Lady Speaks

Goodness, it seems like I've been gone for such a long time.   In truth, I was contending with my big move and all the unfamiliarity and stress and homesickness and so on, that goes along with it.  Finding your way around a new city is always both fun and, at the same time, a daunting process, but you do it.  You deal.  You discover new and exciting places and things and you try not to think about home and your boyfriend so far away and how you could be sitting on your well worn but delightfully comfortable couch right now, receiving a foot rub and drinking wine while saying rude things about celebrities.

And somehow it all works out.

So I'm finally jet lag free and staying with friends and soon to be apartment hunting for a place of my own, and eventually El Cerebro's, and I'm giddy with excitement and trepidation because, oh my God, what have I done, moving so far away from everything I know and love and what if I fail?"  Then the little demon on my shoulder, the demon with the big hairy balls, says,"You'll be just fine and if you fail, so what?  You start again."   And I know I should listen to that little troublemaker but sometimes, you just don't.

Then of course I got my period and we all know how that goes, lady readers.   How you can be excited and giddy one moment and a traumatized Scarlet O'Hara having a meltdown the next.  How just one tiny obstacle can wring out enough tears to fill a lake.  How suddenly all the optimism and hope you've been displaying are suddenly rendered into pools of dismay and fear and you are never, ever going to cope with this new life.

Ah yes, the hormones are a bitch.

Then the next morning you pour a cup of steaming hot, milky coffee, wipe the sleep out of your eyes and know that everything is going to be ok.   At least until lunch.

So I hope you are all well too.  I need to do some serious blog catching up!