Sundays Are For Nothing

Some weekends are a delightful waste of time.  When I was younger, I was driven by the unqualified belief that to be using your time productively, you had to be doing something at all times.  Creating.  Doing.  Nowadays, I’ve realized that you can provide satisfaction in your life by having periods of complete inertia without ruining anything at all.  Lazing around watching movies or napping or reading trashy magazines are all fine. 

This weekend I finally got my new laptop.   Getting the new machine demonstrated immediately just how antiquated my old computer was.   This one is a little powerhouse with a great powerful processor, a shiny bright widescreen, lots of hard drive space and giant quantities of RAM.  It zips through programs like a warm spoon through gelato. 

As if on cue, yesterday, while moving the last batch of photos and files to their new home over here, the old machine froze and died.  Like it had been holding on and now it didn’t have to anymore.

It’s really sort of sad.  But at least timely. 

El Cerebro’s parents are off on their annual three week vacation to Mexico today, making me drool with envy and long for balmy nights on their balcony drinking a cold Corona and looking at the ocean.   All I can see is a hazy, white frozen highway and some naked trees from my window.  It hardly seems fair.  Of course, they don’t get to witness the antics of a large, pale, naked, wobbling man in an opposite apartment, dancing to Madonna.  

So it’s really a trade-off.

6 Responses to “Sundays Are For Nothing”

Eva Gallant said...

With what I read about Mexico these days, I think I'm glad to be up here in Maine!


The sad thing is that recently, Saturdays are also for nothing. I didn't do crap this weekend and loved every minute of it.

Eva, I guess it pays to be careful if you're in a questionable region but I think they'll be fine.

Israel, I have to agree. I do nothing productive on any Saturday either unless by productive you mean eat good (bad) food and drink some beer. Then I'm VERY productive, sometimes!

Linda Medrano said...

I doubt that Mexico is any more dangerous than say Arizona. Can you post a picture of your neighbor dancing? I love that!

Brandy Rose said...

We should have a moment of silence for the old computer.

Linda, I think it all depends where you're going in Mexico. Stay out of border towns and seedy bars at night you should be ok. As for the neighbor guy, believe me, your eyeballs don't need that trauma. :)

Brandy, I stroke it lovingly every day. It's still here. And operating again so I'm using it as a little server. My poor baby. The new one is pretty badass though!